Grandstream HT-488, frequent loss of voipfone service

I am using the Grandstream HT-488 with voipfone since last 2 months. It has been configured as suggested by the voipfone. For one month it was working allright with loss of service occasionaly. Since last 10-15 days it looses connection with the voipfone and to establish the connection I have to reset it. After resetting it works fine immediately but soon the red LED starts blinking and I have to follow the same procedure again and again. I initially thought that there may be a problem with my DSL connection but it is not so, I tried registering it with Voiptalk as well as Skypho the connection remains and works fine. I have experimented using with and without the outbound proxy ( but to no avail. I have also tried by changing the registration expiration time (currently set at 1 minute) but the problem is persisting and it has become annoying. I am using the latest fimware Can anyone guide me to solve the problem? I do not wish to discontinue the voipfone subscription as it is very feature rich, the rates are good and quality of sound is also excellent.

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do you have a preferred dns set in your adaptors configuration ? what dns are you currently using ?

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Thanks for an early post
I have cofigured it for DHCP and I have not assigned any preferred DNS server in the adapter! What preferred DNS I will have to mention? DNS for my ADSL connection is and this I have tried by using a static IP server, the problem remains the same.

Exactly the same problem

I have exactly the same problem. Voipfone system do not works correctly with Grandstream HT488.

I have HT488 phisically behind a firewall/router, but, due to frequent lost of registration with voipfone, I have configured the router to create a VIRTUAL SERVER using a different IP, beyond firewall protection. Even so the problem continue.

The most interesting is that it only occurs with voipfone. I have tried voipbuster and fwd and these systems work fine. The problem is with voipfone but I am not able to discover what it is and I am about to give up voipfone.

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