Zyxel Prestige 2002L Help

Hi, I have this ATA and it's working ok except for the ringing style is wrong for the UK, it should be longer, the webadmin offers no control over the ring cadence.

Does anyone know how to change the ring cadence and also set up dialling rules?


acoolwelshbloke wrote:If not try doing a google for Zyxel Prestige 2002L uk settings
(You should have a regional settings tab or panel!)
That's the problem, I don't! :?

I just took a look at your devices manual: http://www.zyxel.co.uk/uploads/tx_ZyXEL ... 4-9-15.pdf

It looks like your device is pre-configured with the standard american settings and your device cannot be configured for anything else!

Most ATA devices come pre-configured for use in america, mine did and I have a linksys with a uk model number!

Most devices allow you to change configuration setings for use in different regions, if yours does not then there ain't anything you can do except use it as it is!

You will soon get use to it! :wink:
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That's really stupid, also the time it takes for the relay to click on the lifeline to start ringing the phones is too long.

I hope theres some hack to change this :?

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