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I was wondering if I could get your kind opinion. I've been using Voipfone for several years now, first for just my office, and now providing telephony for four different locations across the UK. the hosted PBX does everything we need, and it is dead easy to operate.

I would like now to integrate our office in India to the same system. Problem is, we need an Indian DID for our local customer to call into (they will not call internationally), and that is illegal.
Therefore, I was thinking I could get an FXO gateway, connect an India land-line to its FXO port and have any incoming call routed to our Voipfone PBX. That way, our Indian customers will call an Indian PSTN number, but it will ring on whatever Voipfone extension I decide.
If any of the Voipfone extensions want to make an outgoing call, they will go via Voipfone, just as the UK-based extensions currently do.

For hardware, I believe the Patton 4112 FXO will do the trick, but I have no brand loyalty so I will gladly listen to alternatives. But I'm struggling to ensure it will integrate with the Voipfone PBX as I describe above. Do I need to get another Incoming Number? Should I set the Patton to forward incoming calls to a SIP trunk? If so, how do I set the Voipfone PBX to ring certain extension numbers only on those calls?

Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Re: FXO adapter to Voipfone

If you set it to ring your Voipfone account then all the extensions with their 'group' tick box ticked under 'extension numbers' will ring.

If you wish for the calls to go to a separate group you'd need to send the calls to a PSTN number on your account. We do supply a free 056 number with the account, if you're not using that you could use that for this purpose.

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