Bugs, Flaws & Defects Report Them Here - 2014

If you discover a bug (flaw or defect) while using the forums, blog, or our main site we are very interested in hearing about it. The Voipfone Support team members frequent this forum; we read all of your posts and take each report very seriously. We are very grateful for detailed bug reports.

One of the first steps in fixing a bug is reproducing the reported issue. While a bug can be frustrating, posting a report of a flaw in no great detail will delay the repair efforts for the issue; if we cannot reproduce the bug at all then we cannot begin to fix it.

For this reason, we would be very grateful if you use the following guidelines when reporting a bug:
  1. Describe the flaw in as much detail as possible; attach screenshots of the issue if you can.
  2. Provide information regarding what browser your using, Internet Explorer 9 or Google Chrome for example.
  3. Keep the thread on topic; post only the above information. That way other members can verify if a bug has already been reported.
Remember just because a feature or function does not do what you want it to do, the way you expect it to do, does not make it a bug.
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