Call divert with a new number

I've been using Voipfone for a few years and yesterday bought a new 0131xxxx number. When going into the control panel it appears that this new number will only divert to where my other number is diverted to. In other words I cannot divert one UK voip numbers to one number and the other UK voip number to a different number. Is this correct and if so I presume I should have setup a completely different account for the new number.

Re: Call divert with a new number

If you need to manage your numbers independently you need to attach them to extensions from our virtual PBX. The extensions cost £1 each and give you useful additional features such as business hours and line presentation.

Alternatively you could set up another account but then you'd have to put calling credit on both.

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Re: Call divert with a new number

As you suggested, I've purchased two pbx extensions and have added the phone numbers of where the calls are be diverted to to the pbx call diverts list.

However., what I can't seem to do is assign the purchased UK voip numbers to the extension numbers that the pbx extensions that have been created. e.g I now have: 200 30108517*200 and I have no idea what this 30108517 number is.

All I want is to simply divert my voip 0131xxx number to one of the pbx diverts names with it's associated number and my voip 01344xxx to another pbx diverts list number but this does not seem possible.
Can you help please?

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