Elmeg 290 Call forwarding


I have an Elmeg 290, and everything works just fine. I have three phone numbers and three PBX extensions on the account. These are setup to ring one of the first three available lines on the phone.

I can make and receive calls on each of the three lines, CLI works, everything is cool. The only thing that does not work is call forwarding.

I have tried to establish it both via the phone and via the voipfone website.

Using the phone, when dialling one of my numbers, I just get a continuous tone. If I renable the phone, and use the website, on dialling any of my numbers, the phone rings. On establishing call forwarding both at the phone and via the website, I get the continuous tone again.

I do have calling credit on the account.

I contacted technical support who responded quickyly, but were no help whatsoever.

This is a real pain!

Anybody know the solution?

Many thanks


PBX Divert


I did manage to get call forwarding working via the Voipfone website in the end by using PBX Divert (once I'd found it, that is).

However, it would be nice to be able to do this from the phone itself.....



Call diverts just don't work tonight

Maybe this should be in the PBX forum..

Using the PBX diverts I set a full uk mobile number (I have credit) for my extension and then when I make a test inbound call I only get a continious tone!

Removing the divert returns the system to ringing until the answer service cuts in.

The extension diverts are on of the major selling points of Voipfone for me! :(

:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

I was trying to dial an 0560 number from Telewest! Doh!! They don't get that number system yet do they!!

Nothing wrong with diverts at all, just a stupid telco that can't keep up.

Guess I had better buy some real numbers as I have customers that use Telewest phones.

Has there been any suggestion of when they'll recognise valid UK numbers? (I know, I'll ask them too!)



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