No dialing tone on callers phone

Been using the call divert for awhile now (set up on Master Account), doing it this way all calls show callers ID on my mobile.

However, I have 'lost' a lot of calls due to callers not getting a dialing tone their end & they think we are now longer in business & hang up, existing customers know there is a long (silent) delay, about 15 seconds, and make allowances.

When I divert via Soft phone or normal telephone plugged into the router there is no delay & there is a dialing tone, however, the caller id is my own number irrespective as to who's calling.

Is there a way around this dial tone or caller id problem?

Re: No dialing tone on callers phone

I'd generally refer to it as a 'ringback tone' rather than dialing tone.

However, the situation of there being a delay is normal when diverting in the way you are, the same happens on a normal fixed line. If you're diverting to a mobile then there will be a patch of silence at the start of the call before the mobile reports ringing progress. Tops of 5 seconds should be expected, unless the mobile is in poor coverage area.

The solution is to set your number to 'ring extension group' and set an extension in the group to do the divert.

If you can email support and link to this post, we can look into the caller ID issue you're seeing.

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