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I started reading about Voip today and believe it may be a solution to my needs. I wish to buy a geographical (0161) number and for anyone dialling that number to be taken straight to voicemail to leave a message.

If I understand correctly, the voicemail service (as well as the other things listed as free services) is included with the number. So once I have the number I simply configure it via my account to make it go straight to its voicemail? I note that I can make my own voicemail greeting and have read how to collect the voicemail and that the sound files are also emailed.

Am I correct that I require no hardware and that there is no effect to my normal BT landline and Sky Talk calls package? For example, if I listen to a message left on the purchased number's voicemail and I dial the person back from my landline, it is the case that I will be calling them through Sky Talk (on my standard home number)?

Thanks, and apologies for what is probably very basic stuff!

Re: Geographical number with voicemail

Once you've signed up for a number it will by default go to voicemail. Messages are emailed to you, you can also upload a greeting online or over the phone.

You are correct, it's not related to your existing phone service at all.

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