Snom/Elmeg Configuration Details

Login into you Snom's web page by typing its IP address into a browser on your PC.
(You can find it's address by clicking the ? button on the 360 or 320 or the left and right arrows on the 190 or 290.)

If you need to login as administrator to see all the menus, the default password is 0000.

Some of the Snom menus will be different from those shown below depending on your phone and software version; just find the correct heading or setting.

1 Click on Line 1 in the yellow side bar

Under the Login Tab

Display name: your name (it can be anything)
Account: your 8 digit voipfone number (3xxxxxxx)
Password: your 6 digit voipfone password

Authentication Username: your 8 digit voipfone number (3xxxxxxx)

Mailbox: 1571


Under the SIP tab
Proposed Expiry: 1min
Support broken Registrar on


2 Click on Advanced in the yellow side bar

Under Phone Behaviour

Challenge Response on Phone: off


Reboot your phone, check that it registers with us (if it doesn't it will show NR on the screen and will not have dial tone) and that you can make and receive calls.

3 Nat Proxy

If your phone registers with us but your inbound calls go straight to voicemail you may have a firewall problem and need to use our Nat Proxy.

Log into your Snom again and under the Line 1, SIP tab enter

Outbound Proxy


Voipfone Customer Services

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United Kingdom

Registered number: 05168033
Vat Registration Number 858850966

Telephone: 020 7043 5555
Fax: 020 7043 5556


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