I know this is not an approved phone, but I wondered if anyone else has successfully connected this model. I can get it to register ok, but that's it. When I try to call the number it's setup for I get a message saying the person at (no number is announced) is unavailable. If I try to make a call the phone dials and then freezes with the message Calling on its display. The only way I can then use the phone is to switch it off and on again.

Could there be a problem with the phone or is there some setting that's needed?

Thanks in advance for any advice.... other than buy a Snom! ;-)


There could be a couple of things causing this. one being Codecs ' do you know the codecs you are currently using ?

The other thing could be a Nat issue...Do you have an option for use outbound proxy in your phones settings ? if you do could you try adding in there.

Is your phone registering to or ?

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