Grandstream GXP2020 Virtual PBX

Hi there,

I am currently on a trial for Voipfone to see if the system is going to work for me. I have come across a little issue which I think is a limitation of my phones (Grandstream GXP2020).

I was able to get my first handset registered with no problems at all, then I added the Virtual PBX onto my account. This means that now I have more than one extension, The way Voipfone works is it adds * 200 *201 *203 to the end of my account number 30000000. So I changed my phones config and added the new user id and password and the phone will not register.. it just doesn't like it. I have been able to setup 2 or 3 soft phones with no problems.

So I am starting to think that the 2020 doesn't like the * in the user ID as this is the only change from the previously working setup.. Can anyone offer any help/insight into this.

I did try and search but searching for asterisk on a voip forum gives me a whole bunch of results that aren't relevant and searching for * seems to count as a wildcard.



Re: Grandstream GXP2020 Virtual PBX

It's probable that your router isn't coping with VoIP traffic. The usual reason is that it has SIP ALG turned on. If you can turn it off, please do so (if you don't know how, give us a call - 020 7043 5555.

But before doing that, turn your router and phones off for a minute or so, then reboot the router, then the phones. That may fix the problem - sometimes routers just get in a tangle.

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Re: Grandstream GXP2020 Virtual PBX

Thanks for the reply Voipfone. I have had a good look at my firewall and can't see an aLG option (it's quite an old firewall). I did setup my phone with a static IP address and gave that direct access to the internet (not a great long term solution but would help diagnose the problem). Again the phone was not registering.

I was able to get access to the Voipfone server when the VirtualPBX was not active on my account, I was able to make calls, get audio to and from the phone (previous problems I have had with the firewall blocked the audio coming to the phone).

The only change I made was to enable the PBX and change the username/password to suit as soon as I did this and rebooted the phone then I was not abel to register. I have been able to register and make calls from softphones connected to the same network as the phone with no problems so I am skeptical that it's a firewall related problem anymore (as I have all but eliminated it).

Any further ideas would be great.



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