SNOM phones require SIP Proxy - drop in service.


I have two sites - both with SNOM 360 phones, both with draytek routers. One draytek is a 2600we and one is 2600 plus.

I have the intermittant registration problem, and have read elsewhere on the other forums that the service is more reliable without the SIP proxy setting. I have tried to take this out, but then none of the phones will register or make / receive calls.

Is there a reason why I have to use this SIP proxy setting - is there something wrong with my draytek configuration?

Any advice helpfully received!


Paul, did you reboot your hardware this morning?

Voipfone did some upgrades during the early hours on the NAT proxy.

If you did not do a hardware reboot on your routers & phones try this first and if you have already done the reboots then i'm sure Voipfone will be along shortly to help you further! :)
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