Would Voipfone via Linksys PAP2T work with Orange Livebox ?

Hi, newbie here, who would be very appreciative of any help. I have spoken to the helpful people at Voipfone about this but they didn't know the answer.

Basically I currently use Orange's own VOIP service (2nd line they call it) through their wireless modem, the Livebox.

I want to keep the Orange number (for my business) but also introduce a new geographical number using the Voipfone service. The Orange number is not transferable to Voipfone - I have asked this already.

What I need to know is whether I can run both at the same time through my Orange box ? I assumed I could via the PAP2 adapter but Voipfone's uncertainty has made me concerned that it may not be that straight forward ?!

Any ideas or experience on this ?

Many thanks

Re: Would Voipfone via Linksys PAP2T work with Orange Livebo

We haven't had much experience with the Livebox but it should work with our services.
However. If you were to use a PAP2 adapter, which would plug into an ethanet port on the back of the box (not the socket your current telephone plugs into) then you could have a Voipfone account configured to it. However, unless Orange provide you with the config details for your Orange service, to configure the second line on the PAP2 adapter, you won't be able to run your Orange service through it. If it was you could get these config details, you would still need to have two phones plugged into the adapter to receive a call from either line.

So essentially, if you keep your Orange service the way it is, you could get a PAP2 device from us to use Voipfone services with and still have to use two telephones, one in the adapter and the other connected to the phone line on your Orange box.

I hope this makes sense. If not please email to support@voipfone.co.uk for further assistance or give us a call.

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