Is this possible?

I run a Virtual Office Support company and one of the services is call handling and booking appointments. To do this I use a cloud based CRM to login to the clients account, and upon taking the call I ask for their account number, postcode, etc to bring up the customer account. Is it possible or incoming calls to automatically bring up a URL (which will be the CRM) on answering a call? So that I can log-in without having to open the browser and type in the CRM URL. I mostly have it open but to open it automatically when a call comes in that would be ideal. I know zoiper biz does this but I'd like to be able to do it with the phone.

I'm going to move from using the softphone to using a Snom 300. At the moment when using the softphone the account which the number being called is assigned to comes up when receiving a call for that number. When I switch over to using a telephone (the Snom 300) will only the number pop up or will it be in text (ie. Storm Media Ltd)? I have many clients and would like the name of my client's phone number to come up rather than the client's number itself.



Re: Is this possible?

The CRM screen pop is something we are working on now for the snom phones. I can't yet give you a date though.

For name presentation on your phones, please see (read both pages) ... Divert.php

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