Re: Porting/moving house advice

I'm going to tag on to this thread as I have exactly the same issue as the original poster.

My idea was to use caller redirect for my existing bt number to my new number when I move house.

Would it then be possible after a few days or weeks to port that tel. no. (which i have on redirect) to voipfone and thus re-establishing my original bt number as well as having my new bt number and broadband at new house.

Voipfone is cheaper and obviously more use than bt call redirect but would that all go as planned?

Any help much appreciated.

Is it possible to port a bt number that's on call redirect?

Re: Porting/moving house advice

The only thing I would add is to make sure the call redirect is set up by BT rather than through your phone. I did the same thing when I moved house seven years ago. It was for my household's second phone line which I used for my business. But I made the mistake of just setting up a redirect using the star services on my phone. When the new owner moved in, he cancelled the redirect accidentally.

The other advice you've had about starting a new account for your broadband is good.

Maybe porting phones has improved in recent years, but it was nothing like as smooth as mobile phone porting. Very hard to anticipate exactly when it'll happen. But your strategy of re-directs is good, and yes, you can port a re-directed number.

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