Dialing out on PSTN & SIP on LinkSys PAPT2


I have a LinkSys SPA-3102 and have it successfully set up and registering with voipfone for outbound calls, and successfully receiving inbound calls from vopifone and my regular BT line. I also have failover to PSTN set too, so when I turn the 3102 off all my outgoing calls successfully go via BT.

I'm now trying to set up a dial plan that will dial some calls via voip, and others via the PSTN line.

I've defined gateway 1 as voipfone, and AIUI gateway 0 is the PSTN line; so now I want to do something like this:
(999SO<:@gw0> | 112SO<:@gw0> | 166SO<:@gw0> | 1471SO<:@gw0> | 1571SO<:@gw0> | 07xxxxxxxxxSO<:@gw1> | 00[1-9]x.<:@gw1> | x.<:@gw0>)

The idea is to route mobile and international calls via voipfone, and others via BT.

The problem is that each rule that matches for the PSTN line (gw0) results in an immediate disconnected tone. I've confirmed this by always getting a disconnected tone for the simple dial plan (x.<:@gw0>).

I'm guessing the problem is with the PSTN line definition on the 3102? If so which settings should I play with to help make outgoing calls on PSTN work ok, given incoming seems fine?


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