doro prosound hs1910 wireless headset and snom 320

using a doro prosound hs1910 wireless headset with my snom 320. this works out of the box with termination setting D. the snom320 automatically enabled the headset option.

one query - to answer or initiate a call i have to lift the handset or press 320's speaker button and then press the 320's headset button before call is routed to headset. is this usual?

i would like to press only the 320's headset button during a call or to start a call and then use the headset (as seems to be the way with other phones using headsets).

snom suggests some changes in config: ... snom_phone
Auto Answer --> ON
Ringer Device for Headset --> Use Headset
Type of answering --> Headset
(Optional, GNnectom) Headset Mic Volume (1 - 8) --> 3

how will the headset then operate if i make these changes?
thanks for your help.

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