Current Smartphone choice for VOIP?

I have successfully been using the (old) Nokia N95 with WiFi/SIP settings as extension 200 from my main Siemens base. I would like to get a better smartphone with VOIP capability and am sure there are Iphone and Android apps which will enable VOIP. However, are there reliable apps which are easily Voipfone compatible? The settings for the N95 as published in the support section of always worked for me and if/when I update to a new smartphone, I'd like to be able to take my voipfone capability with me.

What makes / models of smartphones are others using for voipfone, please?

Cheers, Andy

Re: Current Smartphone choice for VOIP?

Hi Andy,

We've seen Acrobits on iPhone work well for some users, Acrobits also includes a wizard that allows users to configure their iPhone to work with Voipfone in a few taps.

Applications on the Android market are slowly improving as the OS and the hardware improves, I'm sure there will be some good VoIP clients for Android in the near future.

As for Blackberry, there's only a couple of apps that we've seen released, which cost between £10 - £30. Testing these on the Bold 9000, Bold 9700, Storm 2 - They all appear to cause the smartphone to hang occasionally.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Current Smartphone choice for VOIP?

I use the Samsung/Google Nexus S with Voipfone. With Gingerbread, the built-in Android voip client worked reasonably except for problems with DTMF (and you could not use 3G), so I used the free app CSipSimple, which is very good. Since upgrading to ICS yesterday, I have been using the built-in Android voip client, which has no problems with DTMF and seems to work with 3G as well as Wifi.

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