spa3102 dial out problems


I have a spa3102 which i have been using for about 2years on voipfone together with virgin landline with no problems at all. Lately since about a month ago I am unable to dial out on voipfone. I have a dial tone with but cannot dial out, when you type the phone number it starts dialing but nothing happens there is just silence. I then have to restart the router or spa3102 and it starts working again. I have noticed that when I receive a call on the landline after this the problem occurs. I have reset the spa3102 to factory settings and put all the details in as per the website for voipfone.

Does anyone have any idea what it could be.

Re: spa3102 dial out problems

These sorts of issues are usually due to routers. Have you recently changed your internet router?

Are you saying it happens when you receive a call on your fixed line or the VoIP line? If calls on the fixed line are causing problems then your internal wiring / filters need to be checked on the broadband setup.

Did you buy the 3102 from us? If you did and have reset it it will now have lost it's connection to our provisioning server, Please email our support team for help resolving this.

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Re: spa3102 dial out problems


Nothing has been changed same router same everything for the last two years. I factory reset the Spa3102 yesterday and setup as instructions on your website. Calling out on voip works fine until I receive a call on my landline which is with virgin as soon as i receive a call and I don't even have to answer it, after which I can not make a outgoing call on voipfone. I get the dial tone even the numbers dialled tone but call will not connect.

I am pulling my hair out this one!!!

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