Implement Call Back Button Into Site - Calling PHP Experts

As opposed to having to 'make-do' with a pop-up window or iframe linking to the Voipfone call back form, I set out on creating a custom form (which can be styled with CSS to match your site design) and a cURL script to parse the form data to the Voipfone call back server.

However, despite receiving some good assistance from Voipfone CS, my knowledge does not extend far enough to complete the code and get it working. So far I have:

1. A basic html form and DOM parser which retrieves the captcha image from the Voipfone server.
2. A cURL script which connects to the Voipfone server, retrieves the cookie (which forms part of the captcha) and parses the form's values.

I have clearly made some mistakes in my code and/or have omitted something. If anyone is interested in this feature, has knowledge of cURL and PHP sessions, and wants to work on the project with me to get it completed, do feel free to respond and I will share my existing code with you.

Re: Implement Call Back Button Into Site - Calling PHP Exper

In all fairness you did say in your original post " despite receiving some good assistance from Voipfone CS" so clearly Voipfone have helped you as much as they can, may just be a case nobody else is interested or that they do not have the knowledge to complete the task your asking?

If your getting no luck here it may just be down to the fact other users of this forum do not have the knowledge when it comes to PHP/cURL so why not ask on other forums where computer programming & design is a hobby and maybe someone will help you complete what you are trying to set out to do for free.

EDIT: I should point out though having a third party create or edit scripts for you that you intend to implement into your site could be very risky as it could contain malicious code intended to cause harm so be careful if you go down this route, out of interest have you asked Voipfone if they have anything along the lines of this on their to do list?
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