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I had a thought, what about offering monthly, six monthy & annual payments for numbers?

Instead of paying say £1.99 a month for a local geo number why not give an option for anually payments of £23.88 or if it's every six months £11.94p i'm sure you get the point!

That way it offers peace of mind to the customer as they know that number is safe for a year etc... and voipfone have the knowledge that that customer will prob stay with them for that time. and if they do not simply make it a policy of no refunds or something!

Not just that but it saves loads of transactions going through your credit card every month, the only monthly transactions should simply be credit top-ups. I know if i have two many transactions with one company within a set period of time my credit card company puts a stop on my card!

They say it's fraud prevention, but I say it's a pain in the Ass!
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Good Idea! But, I did read somewhere that Voipfone will be sorting out the billing so that only one deduction per month will be made against the card for services other than call credit top-ups. I know its only a small amount, but it might put some people off joining if they feel that they will be locked in for a number of months.

I have also had a problem with this, I too have had my bank ring me up on a number of occasions asking me about why i have a 3 or 4 transactions a month coming out for provider.

If voip are planning to overhaul there billing system so that the total for line rental and calling credit comes out at the same time on the same transaction this would be a lot easier,

For billing purposes it would also save me having to print of each individual invoice for each transaction every month.

Only a minor irritatation though, and one out of the control of voipfone. However still an irritation. but one im willing to put up with for the cost savings and quality of serivce and support from voipfone! keep up the good work!

Some VoIP providers deduct all fees, both recurrent (like incoming number monthly fee etc) and one-off, from the prepaid account. This method might have disadvantages too, but it definitely makes credit card statement shorter.

Would be ideal if Voipfone took any money due for numbers or any other monthly charges (apart from any charges relating to the purchase of free minutes from any calling credit) as this reduces invoices on peoples credit cards and would save Voipfone credit card transaction fees to!

For example I have £25.00 credit against my account, my geo number was due for payment so they take it from the £25.00 which leaves a balance of £23.01p this reduces invoices against debit & credit cards, saves Voipfone paying a percentage of the card transaction to the merchant and everyone's happy.

If there is a £0 balance then take the charge from the card!
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