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I have been posting on another issue on these forums as you already know, However I have another question to ask as their is a little problem. Well not really a problem but I think it is due to the software.

When I'm in a call, my call quality is perfect on the pc, however the person on the landline although they can hear me clearly. there is some background noise like when your on a mobile in the car.

It's not bad or anything and I know my setup is not the best as I am using desktop speakers and a microphone.

However if I make an outgoing call on skype the sound quality is perfect. the same as landline to landline.

I have purchased a voip phone which will be delivered in the week, and as my setup works perfect with skype I can only asume it's the X-lite software.

Any advice


I would assume that your speakers and mic were the problem. It looks like it is echoing,
The should comes out of your speakers - and back trough your mic to the other end causing a echo.

I would invest in buying a head-set with the headphones and mic attached. I had this problem when I first started using voipfone.

No I don't get any echo, neither does the person on the other end of the phone.

it's like static not too loud or anything the kind you get on a mobile when there is poor signal.

I know it ain't my Broadband as skype works perfect.

However I suspect it's X-lite's software. Just the way it's made although a headset or phone always helps.

So i'll try it again when my phone arrives!

I have similar experience. PC-to-PC SIP calls are fine. Loud and clear using X-Lite and SJphone. Maybe a bit better with SJphone but marginal. Skype-Skype calls also very clear.

I have the same quality problems using X-Lite and SJPhone for PC-to-landline calls. No echo or feedback but not very clear. I can live with it but it is nothing like as good as PC-to-PC.

Skype-to-landline calls are much better quality and there is no difference between Skype-to-landline and Skype-to-Skype calls.

I realise Skype uses a non SIP protocol but it does seem to give clearer calls. Is this a SIP issue or the way Voipfone connects to landlines? I haven't tried another SIP provider so I don't know.

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Software Phones

Call quality will never be 100% perfect using any software phone hence the reason we would recommend hardware devices over any software phone you must remember that software phones are 100% relient on the PC they are installed on and the quality of the call can be effected by any number of things for example PC doing lots of processing, sending or receiving large emails, programs running in the back ground and so on

Our service also uses a much higher quality codec than skype and therefore use much more bandwidth

You can get a good indication of what people will hear when you call them or they call you by dialing 152 from you voipfone

You can also check that you connection speed is up to scratch by using the speed test here

if you find that your connection is not performing as it should then you can always try a different codec such as gsm or Ilbc

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