intermittant problem with incoming calls

I'm having an intermitant problem with incoming calls.

We've got a linksys pap2 box configured for two phones on the same group but with different extension numbers.

Occasionally when receiving an inbound call we'll answer it from one of the phones and the other will continue ringing. On the phone that has answered the call you can't hear anything and I assume the inbound caller cant hear me.

I've tried immediately to call from my mobile when this has happened before and I've received the out of hours message answer phone message (and we're definately within the office hours we specified on the website). We're trying to restrict callers out of hours so switching off the out of hours service isnt an ideal solution, but if its the only way to get this problem sorted then so be it.

If any one has experienced a problem like this and found a solution then please let me know
James Sinclair

it is behind a firewall, but i've opened the ports listed that needed to be opened (5004-5060 iirc). I could make outbound calls though periodically I'd have no dial tone aswell.

I think that this problem was more to do with the network problems that voipfone was having at the same time, it does seem to be working fine at the minute
James Sinclair

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