I have recently installed a Trixbox/Asterisk and would now like to interface a doorphone that was used with our previous telephone system.
This doorphone comprises twin pair intercom/press-to-call/press-to-talk and another twin pair for latch release.
I don't really want to go to the expense of installing a SIP solution as I believe it to be rather expensive and it would mean me having to run networking cable to the front door.
I believe an option might exist where I install an ATA, along with an interface unit that would allow me to use my existing doorphone. The 'interface unit' is referred to in various web searches as a 'DoorBell Fon', but it again seems rather expensive, and may well have been discontinued.
Anyone know if there is a cheaper solution to the 'DoorBell Fon' and if one does exist, what the maximum cable length might be from the ATA to the doorphone?
I'm getting nowhere with my enquiries here in South Africa!

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