Setting Up Zultys WIP2

Hello, I'm trying to setup my Zultys WIP2 but having problems. I've got it connected to the network/internet OK but I get a "SIP registration Rejected" message. Am getting a little confused now. I have managed to setup Zoiper no problems.

Going through the SIP settings I've not found an option anywhere to enter my voipfone user name. The options under the SIP Settings are;

Outbound proxy:
Address =
Port = 05065
Password = ******

Backup Proxy:
Address =
Port = 05060
Registration = Yes

Address =
Port = 05060

Other Options:
RTP start port = 33000
Receive port = 05060
Invite retrans = 0006
Noninv retrans = 0010
Sip validation = Yes
Use DNS = Yes
Receive port = 05060

Re: Setting Up Zultys WIP2

I had fun and games getting it to connect to the Wifi but got there in the end. First problem I had was the phone only supports WEP not WAP which most routers now use. Once I'd sorted that I checked that my laptop could connect and when the wifi was working I checked the settings and it all worked.

I enabled the DHCP (under IP Settings) and that did the trick. You might need to adjust the settings of your router depending on how secure it is.

Re: Setting Up Zultys WIP2

If you are able to reach service numbers such as 152 and 155, then your phone is reaching our network. If you can't call 1571 or any chargeable number (which need you to be authenticated) then there is an authentication issue. If you were using an invalid username or password you could still call 152 etc.

If you email support with your external IP we can run a trace and see what's getting to us.

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