Not registering in on Fritzbox

For some reason my voipfone account is registering. It's been fine up to now but I'm getting an error message:
03.11.10 00:00:37 Registration of Internet number 30137456 failed. Remote site reports reason for error 488

I've checked the account number, password and sip registrar settings (

Anyone got any ideas what I can do to get it working?

Re: Not registering in on Fritzbox

I spoke to tech support after getting an email from them and they told me that later firmware versions of Fritzboxes don't work with Voipfone due to being unable to handle the number of registration requests. According to their logs I hadn't been registered for two weeks. Odd because I haven't changed firmware for 6 months. So I did a soft reset of the system and ... It registered!

Bit worrying though. Keep an eye on your registration. It may have been triggered by an Internet drop out.

Apparently Voipfone don't support any ATA's only softphones or voip phones which is bizarre

Re: Not registering in on Fritzbox

What Fritzbox were you using?
After I posted that mine was registering (Fritzbox 7140 WLAN with firmware 39.04.67) I realised the connection wasn't solid and it would de-register and not come back until I rebooted.

I've now bought a Fritzbox 7170 WLAN and after upgrading the firmware to 58.04.82 it now seems to be pretty solid. Early days though, I've only been running it for a day. Interestingly, on the firmware it came with, there was no connection to Voipfone at all, but my two accounts with Sipgate had no problem.

Although I had uptodate firmware on the 7140 it wasn't as recent as the firmware on the 7170. My 7140 isn't supported by Fritzbox anymore. I don't know it that's because of the age of the Fritz!box or if they stop giving support if it's more than a year old.

From Voipfone's website it looks as though they do support the Linksys ATAs, but no integrated router/voip boxes.

I've set my voipfone account to forward calls to my sipgate number in case my router drops registration.

Re: Not registering in on Fritzbox

I've given up with the Fritzbox on Voipfone. It seemed to work for a while but then the connection kept dropping to the sip service. But it was rock solid to Sipgate so I ported my number to them. Real shame. I liked Voipfone but if the service won't work with my router then I'm not going to spend even more money on sip phones. The big advantage of a sip router to me is that I can plug in my standard cordless phone and have them all over the house. I can't wire it with ethernet everywhere.

I still like the other services that Voipfone provide, like their having an 020 number for my mobile to ring (which is free for me) so I can then phone 0845 etc numbers wthout it costing an arm and a leg.

Re: Not registering in on Fritzbox

If you register your FritzBox to and ensure the authentication username is set to the same as the username you should find the system works fine.

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