iPhone application recommendations anyone?

Hi All,

I would like to be able to pickup me Voipfone account on my iPhone both over wifi and 3G.

The key thing for me is to be able to take incoming calls - outgoing is not overly important to me. Basically I need an iphone app that can run in the background and will pickup my incoming Voipfone calls.

Can anyone recommend a specific app that will do this please??

Thanks in advance for your help!


Re: iPhone application recommendations anyone?

Unfortunately we do not recommend the use of iPhone over our network, also using Voipfone over WiFi and 3G is also not recommended as the bandwidth on the upload can be quite slow and can cause the call to be of poor quality.

If it is that we can support an iPhone app to use with Voipfone then it will be updated on the forum, until then we cant advise any further unfortunately.

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Re: iPhone application recommendations anyone?

I stumbled upon Counterpaths Bria app for iphone4 which i have been playing with recently. At £4.99 i thought it was worth a try.....

The initial problems was disabling STUN server option, which seemed to then allow phone to register. Since then i have had problems maintaining registration, although I tried again just now and it seemed to work after i re-booted the iphone4.

too early to comment on call quality, but Voipfone's comment in this thread noted.....

So far I've only used it via the wifi connection not tried it out on the road....

I use Counterpaths bria3.1 softphone on my mac book, and after a few false starts seems to be working OK.

I'm also using Plantronics voyager pro headset which is paired with both the iphone4 and the macbook via a dongle. Gets a bit complicated toggling between various devices but gradually getting the hang of it....


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