Problems with Linksys SPA941

Hi everyone, i'm having trouble with my SPA941 phone from Linksys/Cisco
It was set up with Voipfone and was working fine for over a month and when i turned it on yesterday it came up with "initializing network" on the LCD which lasted for about 15 minutes then it went to "CheckingDNS" where it stuck from then onwards, initially i thought either the voipfone system was down or my internet was having issues but after trying with a softphone i managed to get on which proved those 2 theorys to be wrong, so i reset factory settings and entered the settings again which came up with the same issue, i then re-installed the firmware to see if that would help and again i had no luck, i've had a quick google for the issue and i found other people with similar problems but there was no obvious solution. i can't understand how the issue could have come about, it seems strange for it just to decide not to work. if anyone can help with this it would really be appreciated,

Regards ben.

Re: Problems with Linksys SPA941

Hi Ben,

It sounds like you need to be using the IP addresses for the proxy and outbound proxy setting in the phone. Please can you remove the information you have in there which should be:

Outbound Proxy:

and enter the following:

Outbound Proxy:

Please also make sure that you have Use Outbound Proxy set to Yes.

Then Submit all changes and power off and on your phone.

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