Linksys SPA941 Problems

We're intermittently (but more often than not) unable to transfer calls using this phone. We can start the transfer process, speak to the target phone, but when the transfer is executed, the target phone doesn't get anything and the caller is left on hold.
This is happening on our account, and at least 2 of our customers' accounts. The problem only lies with the 941, we have snoms and ciscos with no problems at all.
It started around the 24th of august and has been an issue since.

We've had some contact with voipfone support who have suggested a number of fixes, none of which have resolved the issue. One of our customers was even told to buy a more expensive router (which they did!) in an attempt to fix it.

Voipfone have told us twice now that the problem is sorted, but it most definitely is not. They've now said that there is a known issue with the SPA941 but I've not been able to find a whiff of one online.

So far we've been told to try:

- firmware updates
- disable outbound proxy (never used)
- enable outbound proxy
- enable outbound proxy, but leave blank
- go back to original settings (network fixed, apparently)
- router reboots
- router replacement (errr, no.)
- disable sip_alg (never enabled)
- more router reboots

So, is anyone else having issues with their 941's? Has anyone managed to get them working again?

Re: Linksys SPA941 Problems

Hi All,

Having exactly the same issue when transferring inbound calls from this phone. It seems to work fine transferring outbound calls.

This feature previously used to work perfectly and the failure started to occur a few months ago.

Did anyone find a resolution yet?

Best regards,

Re: Linksys SPA941 Problems

Please reconfigure your phone as follows:

Pleaes set the 'Proxy' to and set 'Use outbound proxy' to No.

Let us know how you get on.

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