How do I configure softphones on a specific extension?


I'm still in the testing stage with our voip setup but we've got our main 3xxxxxxx number coming in to 5 extensions 200 - 204.

I can configure the xten-lite softphone to work off the main number, but can't configure it to work off a specific extension.

We are also have a Sipura 2002 which I've manged to set up ok. It will work off the main number if I configure the user name as the main number (i.e. 3xxxxxxx) and I can also set it to a specific extension (say 200) if a change the username to 3xxxxxxx*200 with the specific password for that extension as displayed in the voipfone virtual PBX.

I've tried doing the same with the softphone, but I get authentication errors. Is this a restriction of the "lite" version of the xten softphone, or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance

Steve Flynn

Both the Authorisation User and the Username should be set to 3xxxxxxx*20x
with the password as set in your pbx.

It may be best to run the installation wizard on each PC using each extension and password as this should do it all correctly for you.

If you continue to have difficulties please email support so we can see your account.

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