Linksys SPA8000 8-Port FXS IP Telephony Gateway

Has anyone used the Linksys SPA8000 8-Port FXS IP Telephony Gateway?

As opposed to having several SPA2101 or SPA3102 this device permits 8 legacy POTS devices to connect, just wondering if anyone has any experience with it or if Technical Support will be adding it to their portfolio?

Feature List
* Eight voice ports (RJ11) for analog phones or Fax machines - Up to 16 Simultaneous Active Calls
* Impedance Agnostics - 8 Configurable Settings
* Call Waiting, Cancel Call Waiting, Call Waiting Caller ID
* Caller ID with Name/Number (Multi-national Variants)
* Caller ID Blocking
* Call Forwarding: No answer, Busy, All
* Do Not Disturb
* Call Transfer
* Three-way Conference Calling with Local Mixing - Up To 8 Simultaneously
* Message Waiting Indication - Visual and Tone Based
* Call Return
* Call Back on Busy
* Call Blocking with Toll Restriction
* Delayed Disconnect
* Distinctive Ringing - Calling and Called Number
* Off-hook Warning Tone
* Selective/Anonymous Call Rejection
* Touch Tone Phone Keypad Configuration with Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
* Fax: G.711 Pass Through or Real Time Fax over IP via T.38

Re: Linksys SPA8000 8-Port FXS IP Telephony Gateway

This device is simply 4 PAP2's in one neat box. Useful if you want to have lots of analogue lines terminating in the same place.

For assistance configuring these devices feel free to give us a call.

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