Snom 300 Question?

Am not sure if am stupid or am doing something wrong every time but.......

I set up a few of these and it makes no sense how to do it.

Basicalliy i want to set up my snom phone for 1 user.

So here we go for the settings.

Display Name - My Name

Account - Voip Account Number

Password - Password for voip account - or is it password for the extension number?

registrar -

Fail over none

Authentication Username: - is this the account number again so for example my account number and *201 if i want it to go to 201 extension

thats it?

Now in my voip account i have the following settings

Ext - 201 Name - Account number email - my email address Group ticked - VM ticked

Inbound Phone Number Set Up

Voice number - Ring extenstion line prest.. not ticked

and it says NR on my phone still any reason?

thanks guys

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