iSipSimple - Free SIP Client for iPhone

Just downloaded a free SIP softphone client called iSipSimple from the iPhone Apps store. Just go into 'Accounts' in the client and set it up as follows to work with voipfone:

Display Name: 056xxxxxxxx (or whatever you prefer)
Username: 30xxxxxx
Password: xxxxxx

A fairly basic client, but worked first time with default settings. You can access 'SIP' or 'Cellular' from the same keyboard. There is a more advanced version called iSIP which you have to pay for.

Re: iSipSimple - Free SIP Client for iPhone

Another one that works very well is Acrobits softphone, which I've been using, it's a paid app:

Currently it uses push-notifications for incoming calls, which does work though is a fairly inelegant way of handling it (but previously was the only way because of the lack of multitasking on iPhone). It'll be upgraded with full full background operation once they update it with IOS4 multitasking ability. If you want/need G.729 codec it's an additional in-app purchase.

They'll soon be coming out with a "Business" version too: ... s-edition/

I looked around at them all and it seems the nicest one in my opinion. I've no connection with them, just a user. Since then though, Counterpath has released an iPhone edition of Bria, but I haven't tried it yet:

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