New Grandstream firmware problems

I've upgraded my grandsteam 486 to the newest firmware ( and now I can't seem to make/receive any calls. The funny thing is that is registering (no flashing red light) and I do have a dial tone. When I make a call it dials and then I hear absolutely nothing and incoming calls cause the system to start flashing red. It doesn't look like any of the settings have changed so I can't see what the problem is. Anybody have this happen to them?

New Grandstream firmware problems

According to Grandstream's website, there is a compatibility problem with their latest firmware and some VOIP providers. I would think that this is actually GS's problem rather than voipfone if it is a change they have implemented themselves.

Personally I would downgrade the firmware... except you cannot according to their text below:


Before upgrading your telephone or adapter, please verify with your service provider if the firmware change will not affect your service.

HT-286 and HT-486 have different hardware version and the firmware version is different as described in the above table.

For product HandyTone-286, HandyTone-486 and BudgeTone 100 Series:

Due to a TCP reliability bug that exists before this release, it is strongly recommended to use TFTP for firmware upgrade (instead of using HTTP). This bug is fixed in the new release. Firmware is avaialbe at TFTP server

Once upgraded to this release, the firmware can NOT be downgraded to previous old versions. Therefore, it is STRONGLY recommended that you fully test this version before committing to massive upgrade in production network.**********************

The firmware upgrade could take more than 10 minutes, please be aware that any user interruptions (such as power cycle or unplug network cable) during this process may cause irrecoverable damage to the device. Please wait until the upgrade is completely done before doing a power reboot.

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