Snom 820 cannot pick up and rings madly!

Any ideas what to do anyone????
I have had an endless stream of problems with my 3 820. The latest annoyances...

The phones ring out of synch , so the it is a cacophony of noise with all ringing asynchronously(!)
you answer the phone there is now a delay before the speaker light goes out and the handset connects, leaving you repeating yourself twice if not 3 times. The caller hearing everything, including the cacophony of the other phones ring in the room.

Secondly, and this has been happening from the beginning. For no reason and in no obvious pattern each phone in turn and sometimes several at once decide they will ring but you cannot answer on that handset , the number doesn't appear on the screen as if it was asleep almost. This can happen on the very next call after you have put down the phone or after a substantial quiet period where the phone has not been used. It is not any particular phone.

I have 3 820 using wireless usb dongles
they connect to an apple time capsule router
that takes the internet from a billion modem that is not set as a router.

I also use 3 imacs on the system these all work faultlessly

all the phones the imacs and the iphones have static ip addresses

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