Voipfone Adapter / BT Lanline and Transferring Calls

Here's what's happened so far. Made several calls last week to Voipfone CS as wanted to have geographical number which I could divert to my landline and transfer out to a third party. Yep all possible, I was told - sign up for a geo number + extension (so that I know what number is calling the landline) - job done, did that. Then it became clear that I needed a voipfone in order to transfer calls to the third party. Problem: router is in hallway and my office through two other rooms in house, so want to be able to make/take calls on handset in office. You just need an adapter, I'm told, its plug and play etc etc. And I can have all the same functions e.g. transfer caller to a third party, voicmail etc etc? Yes. Great - adapter arrives. After following the incorrect set up guide + a call to Voipfone CS (have to say, Michaela was very helpful - thank you) got the adapter working (that is a dial tone). Have realised that I now can no longer receive calls to my BT Landline (probably obvious to some, but wasn't to me at the time - might have been helpful if this had been pointed out before I spent £60 on the adapter). Anyway, finally get to test the phone out this evening and hey presto, I have dial tone but when I dial either my geo number or the 056 number, my phone doesn't ring (although I can dial out). I find the documentation and pages on the site rather confusion (is it me!) and would really appreciate it if someone could please explain in plain simple terms how to get this all working. Oh, and I now need to go and buy another phone plus additional handset so that I can answer my BT landline calls (more cables trailing across the office). Plus feature code for Linksys Papt2 doesn't list an option for transferring calls (announced preferred) ...

Tried to transfer a call using the R button on handset, waiting for dial tone then dialing number - it rings the third party phone but so that I can announce the call, but then when I hang up (also tried pressing R again) the call comes back to me and does not transfer.

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a frustrated new customer ...

Re: Voipfone Adapter / BT Lanline and Transferring Calls

Sorry, you're getting frustrated, I'm sure we can sort this out for you.

To do an attended transfer:

Press the recall button to place the current call on hold

Dial the third party at the dial tone

Announce the call

Press the recall button, this will create a conference & connecting all calls together.

Hang up, this will complete the transfer.

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