Linksys SPA941 Poor Call Quality

OK this is rather strange.

Last night I setup my new Linksys SPA941 and was working perfect.

I tried it today and the call quality is very poor and stuttery, You cant understand who says what. I even tried the talking clock and voicemail with the same problems.

I cant understand how it went from working perfect to really bad over night?

My setup is as follows:

- O2 Wireless Box II Router
- Linksys SPA941 (Plugged directly into Router)
- O2 8mb Connection

I have done a speed test and the results are as follows:

Download Speed: 6912 kbps (864 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 371 kbps (46.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 27 ms

I have tried a few things including:

Port Forwarding:
5060-5082 <--- TCP/UDP
8000-20000 <--- TCP/UDP

Disabling Firewall on Router
Totally switched off.

Closing all programs on the computer which use the internet
Outlook, MSN etc.

Is there a problem voipfone's end or do you think its my end? I just don't understand how it was working last night and now its really poor quality.

Can anyone assist?

Re: Linksys SPA941 Poor Call Quality

Email us at support at voipfone co uk using your registered email address and we'll have a look for you.

Voipfone Customer Services

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Sovereign House
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E14 9SD
United Kingdom

Registered number: 05168033
Vat Registration Number 858850966

Telephone: 020 7043 5555
Fax: 020 7043 5556


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