"Call not approved" error with Xlite

I normally use a Sipura 2100 to make Voipfone calls, and everything works fine. Today I thought I would try to do the same with Xlite, and followed the installation instructions in Voipfone's installer.php page.

Xlite registers OK, but when I attempt to dial any number, I get the "Call not approved" error message.

I tried disconnecting the Sipura to make sure there was no conflict with Xlite, but that didn't fix the problem.

Ideas anyone?


I've cracked it. X-Lite only allows you to make calls via the default proxy. As I had already set up the phone with another proxy (which became the default), it would not allow me to make calls to Voipfone, which was defined as Proxy 1.

Moving Voipfone to the default fixed everything (but now I can't make calls on the original default ... :((


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