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User Manual here:

Set-up Instructions

1. Download the softphone and install it
2. Click on menu, then options.
3. Choose Profiles and click NEW
4. Enter your name (this can be anything)
5. Ignore the file field and choose “Calls through SIP proxy" from the 'profile type' drop down menu and click OK
6. In the new window that opens called “Profile Options" open the tab called SIP Proxy, enter in the Domain box and in the User Domain box. Press OK.
7. In the new pop up window that opens called “service" enter your 8 digit voipfone number (3xxxxxxx) in the account box and your 6 digit password in the password box. Click OK.

Your phone should now register

8. Make a test call to 155.

If your phone does not register:

9. Click on the tool symbol or right click on the phone to open the Options window
10. Click on Profiles and then on the name of the new profile you have just created (it will be 'in use'.)
11. Click Edit, then SIP Proxy
12. In the Nat Proxy box enter and in the next box 5060
13. Click Ok then Ok again.
14. Try your test call to 155 again.

Thanks to Nick Russel for making us look at this phone again.

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