call directly from our CRM system

Similar to the last post "msuzan44" I wont to use the call back function to automatically dial from our intranet, I have been informed by support that I have to log in to my account first but this makes seamless integration with any CRM impossible... has anyone managed to get a web link to call their phone without login in first.

I do not know why this would be difficult.. we should be able to send simple http post with account credentials, number to dial etc. no need to go to a url just an invisible to the user http post.

It also seems that posts don't get replied to very quickly on this forum as the previous post is unanswered, I have concerns about this, I would appreciate anyone else's views on this as we are considering moving our BT business line to voipfone, but would need to add CRM integration etc and woudl rely on the forums.

knowing if anyone else has managed to integrate with their CRM but would let me know if it's worth persevering.

any help woudl be appreciated


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