Compatable phones!


Im new to voip and am about to sign up!

I have found some phones on the internet that i would like to use, as they are wireless, could any one tell me if they can be used! they are;

Cisco WIP310-G2

and also was looking at this phone Cisco CP 7970 G.

Are any of these useable? or if not are there any Cisco phones that are known to work with this service? (+ wireless one)

Hope someone can help!

Many thanks

Re: Compatable phones!

We use and reccomend the snom 300 series phones. That's the snom 300, 320, 360 and 370 models. We know these work very well.

If the Cisco phones you're looking at show they're SIP compatible, then they should work. How well they will work and how easy they'll be to configure is another matter altogether though.

I see the Cisco WIP330 is indeed a SIP compatible phone, so should work. We've never been too impressed with WiFi phones though - The call quality and battery life usually lets them down if they're for serious business use.

The Cisco 7970 appaers to have SIP firmware available for it. There are set up guides on this forum for setting up the 7940 and 7960 which I imagine are quite similar. A fair bit of technical knowledge is required for these phones, they have to be updated via a TFTP server usually.

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