Cisco 7945/65/75 firmware any Smartnet retailers?

I've tried 4 times to buy a Smartnet contract and every time I've been met with a ridiculous excuse and my order has been canceled. I'd be really annoyed except I know it's a complete waste of time.

So does anyone know a reputable UK based seller who will sell Smartnet contracts for one of the 7945/65/75 phones without a lot of guff and who won't cancel the order with some bs about security checks including but not limited to my phone number is wrong, they can't find my phone's serial number in the cisco database, and i quote "According to the manufacturer, the product ordered is only available for US customers and cannot be used internationally" ?

The phones are working great with sccp using asterisk but I'd like to reconfigure one of the phones for sip so I can install it at a different location without having to put in a pbx. I'm also after the locale files and latest sccp firmware. I totally understand why people get so annoyed with cisco who also refused to answer my request about where to buy a contract. Funny how some companies are desperate not to sell you anything hmm seems like a good way to go out of business to me! One of the phones is still under warranty so I'm sure they owe me the damn firmware on that phone anyway :x

Anyway anyone willing to help?

Re: Cisco 7945/65/75 firmware any Smartnet retailers?

Hi Kashwak,

I have a feeling that Cisco UK have a different support model from Cisco America on how they provide firmware updates. America appear to use the Smartnet agreement; I am not sure this extends to the UK. The best thing to do is call Cisco Support or find a partner in the UK here to help on how the support agreement works : ...

Hope this helps.


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