Snom 320, Moving to different locations?

I had to spend the day at a a different address from my usual one, so I took my Snom 320 with me (thinking I could connect it to broadband at that location)

However when it was connected to the O2 router, it failed to register (NR on display) The display however showed the correct date & time, and I could call out to 1471 & 1561 etc. but attempts to call in to my number from a BT line failed, (I received a message informing me that the number I dialled couldn't be connected).

As I'm shortly going to be spending a few days at this temporary address, I would like to know if it would be possible to take my Voip phone with me, or will I have to forward all calls to the landline at that address (not ideal) or to my Viopfone voicemail.

Re: Snom 320, Moving to different locations?

It may need the NAT proxy added or removed. See:


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