Re: What do I need?

Depends on what exactly you want to do and require. is the main web site and it has a nice little wizard under Don't Know What You Need.

I personally would say, a Snom 300 or Snom 320 phone (depending on your needs...I have only used Snom 320 phones), an 01 or 02 phone number (1.99 per month) and an extension (0.99 a month).

You need to decide how you want to get credit on your a package of minutes or do auto top-up.

Or you can just call them on 020 7043 5555.

Of course, you need some sort of internet connection that will provide an ethernet port to connect the phone to.


Re: What do I need?

The phone would be connected to the internet via Virgin.

I run a small home based business and need to move the phone from where I used to have my desk to the current position, so I decide to look into using Voip instead of all the hassles of getting BT in to move the phone line.

I'll be porting the current number to the Voip phone so my customers can still use the same contact number.

Re: What do I need?

What service are you having installed by Virgin since they can provide broadband two different ways depending on what is available in your area.

The can supply ADSL over a telephone line provided by them or over cable along with their TV services.

No idea if they install more than one cable point if you want the cable modem in a different room from the cable set box for tv.

Are you have an engineer from Virgin do the installation?

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