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Ive now installed this 6user PBX and the call quality is not the best echo's etc. Some calls are fine but Obviously my client is concerned so thinking of maybe a backup in too:

I was looking at AsteriskNOW is this a solution that will compliment the current setup of:
Snom 820's
1 Main Line
2 ADSL lines syncing at 7&6Meg down, and 600-1.2 up average set up over load balancing using a Draytek 3300V with QOS set for ports 5060-5065

I was even thinking maybe I need to seperate the VOIP from data completely.

TO be honest its the first time ive installed a VOIP phone system.... PLS HELP!

Re: Advice and opinions pls

Load balanced routers can confuse phone registrations. It's generally better to separate voice and data

Echo should not occur and is usually a simple fix - generally just volume control.

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Re: Advice and opinions pls

Whilst having a look around my server i noticed that with the ilo card enabled it was stopping a trace route.

Diable the card and tracert is as follows:

1 2 ms 7 ms 1 ms
2 * * * Request timed out.
3 18 ms * *
4 43 ms 16 ms 17 ms []

5 22 ms 22 ms 19 ms []
6 18 ms 16 ms 17 ms
7 17 ms 17 ms 17 ms

Trace complete.

Could this make a difference?

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