Broadband Speed problem (websites & emails)

Hi, we have a strange problem,..

Since my move to voipfone broadband i been having problems... This week my download speed as been getting slower until now it wont load any page.

Strange thing is my upload is working ok. I can access VPN, my voipfone works ok (not excellent)

MY sync speed is 8100kbps and 812kbps up. My profile speed from BT is 7000kbps.

Currently the engineers are working on my fault, they have change my module board (i think) at the exchange to no avail. My next door neigbour as let me run a cable from their broad band into my router and it all works great that way.

I also cant get emails, it downloads VERY slow then times out...

Anyone else experiancing the same problem?

(BT are still looking into the problem, but as my business runs on broadband i cant get anything done!)

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