Voicemail announcements need corrected

Last month I reported to support that I'd had problems remotely accessing my voicemail via the 0870 068 8451 number as I could not log in. Turned out problem was that the announcements are incomplete. When it answers it says "Welcome to the Voicemail service.... Please enter your Voipfone telephone number". I kept trying that but just got silence afterwards :? . Turns out you must enter a # after entering your number, and if you do that it then asks you for your password.

I was advised the announcement would be fixed to add the requirement to key # after entering your VOIP number, but it still has not been fixed so I figured I should post this here - both as a reminder to Voipfone and to highlight this to other customers who may be similarly caught out. Please note the Voipfone User Manual section about Voicemail also needs to be corrected as it also fails to mention the need to enter a # after the number.

Another thing... if updating the announcement I actually think it should say "Please enter your Voipfone ACCOUNT number followed by the hash key" as saying Voipfone telephone number further confuses the issue as it only works with your account number.

Voipfone - will you please post an update here when this issue has been fixed?

Thanks :D

Re: Voicemail announcements need corrected

Oh, and another thing that needs to be fixed about the Voicemail..... If you dial into it and there are no new messages it seems to abruptly jump straight into the list of available menu commands and I always feel that a message saying you have no new messages may be there but gets cut off. It certainly would be much more user friendly if it did clearly state "You have no new messages" so can I request you implement that (or if it is already there please investigate why its not working properly).

Re: Voicemail announcements need corrected

Hmmm, no response as yet :( Can someone from Voipfone please respond re the 4 issues I raised in my two posts above, and advise when they expect these to be addressed?

Also, following your announcement of changes to the remote access phone number for Voicemail from 1 August (from 0870 068 8451 to 0843 1 760 760), please note you now also need to update the User Manual at https://www.voipfone.co.uk/Voipfone_User_Manual.htm to reflect the change of numbers.

Think that's all I've got for your to-do list for now :lol: :lol: :lol:

Re: Voicemail announcements need corrected

Announcements were changed at the weekend.

I've had a message sent to the web team to have the user manual updated too.

For the moment both numbers will work. In a month or so the old access numbers will have an announcement reading the new number.

Any other comments on the service, please let us know.

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