Sipdroid on android os

Has anybody got sip working on an android phone yet?

I've got the google phone and i've setup sipdroid and i get 401 error unauthorised when i try and connect. The account is fine, i can login using the same deatils with x-lite from my pc.


no other useful options for setup, any ideas or help???

Re: Sipdroid on android os


I have just managed to get sipdroid to work on voiphone,


username = account number (only the account number no extension suffix ie -200)

Not sure what this means in terms of only receiving calls for a specific extension.

Also not getting any ringing sound on incoming number

Let me know how you get on.


Re: Sipdroid on android os

Seems to be working well for me here on an HTC Legend. Settings:

Authorisation Username: 3XXXXXXXXX*2XX
Password: Extension password from VoipFone portal (not account password)
Server or Proxy:
Domain: BLANK
Username or Caller ID: BLANK
Port: 5060
Protocol: UDP

Sipdroid version: 1.5.3 beta (this is the current version in marketplace as at the time of writing)

Can't comment on long term reliability as I only just set it up but it's showing the little green 'connected' icon and I've successfully made & received calls.

Hope this is useful

Re: Sipdroid on android os

Thansk Kenny, the info makes me think I may have done something wrong, i dont have any extensions setup on my account as I didnt think I needed them (and They cost money).

I only have an account password I think but as I havnt really used my voipfone before maybe I amissing something simple, where do I find the Extension password that you mention? I cant see it in the portal.

Re: Sipdroid on android os

OK Managed to get it working now:

These are the setting I used:
Authorisation Username: 3XXXXXXXXX
Password: Account password
Server or Proxy:
Domain: BLANK
Username or Caller ID: BLANK
Port: 5060
Protocol: UDP

The Caller ID seems to be what was stopping ine work. If I eneterd anything in there it would not register and as CID seems to be set by the Voipfine system anyway I just left it Blank as Kenny had done. Now it registers and works fine.

Call quality seesm fine as well although the volume is failrly low even with the highest setting selected in sipdroid.

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