SIP to PSTN between London & Bogota - what hardware please?

Hi -

Can someone please recommend the hardware to do the following.
I want to

a) send an ATA box or such like to Bogotá, Colombia to my parents and offer them a London dial tone so the can dial from Colombia any UK landline number via my London PSTN.

b) Do the opposite, install an ATA on my broadband modem in London and use my parents local PSTN number in Colombia to make calls from London to PSTN numbers in Colombia

I have a 20 Mb broadband service and I have a BT PSTN London 020 7 number

Many thanks

Andrew Salgado

Re: SIP to PSTN between London & Bogota - what hardware please?

Hi Andrew,

For 1 ) Thats not easy. I would recommend you simply configure an ATA adapter with a UK based VOIP providers details and send it to your parents configured and ready to plug into their network (assuming they have a suitable one set up). I use Cisco and a good ATA adapter you could use is the Cisco 186 adapter which you can configure and send off to your parents. They would then have a UK dialing tone.

For 2 ) Again thats more difficult you would need to set up a PSTN gateway at your parents if you were to set it up with your own hardware with an FXO plug and be a VOIP provider yourself for them. Instead it may be easier to find a local VOIP provider in Colombia and simply configure your equipment (an ATA adapter) for their service?

Hope this helps.


Re: SIP to PSTN between London & Bogota - what hardware ple

I know this post was made some time ago but I just wanted to point out that this is indeed now possible using an OBihai ATA. Place an Obi110 at both locations and use the built in auto attendant feature to place calls over the PSTN line attached to the Obi.

An example... Your in London and you setup a dialplan string so when you dial the PSTN number in Bogota you are connected to the Obi110 in Bogota directly. The Obi110 auto attendant answers and gives you three options -

1. Press 1 to continue this call (any phone attached to the Obi110 in Bogota will ring allowing you to talk directly)

2. Press 2 to make a new call (After pressing 2 enter the phone number you want to call, this is then dialled out over the PSTN line attached to the Obi110 in Bogota)

3. Press 3 to enter a callback number (causes the Auto Attendant to hang up and call you back)

You don't even need a VoIP/SIP account to do this! :D
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