"Office closed" message


I would like to ask whether there could be any plans for adding the ability to have a recorded message played back to callers when they phone outside business hours, something like "our office is now closed, please phone back between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday".

This may be similar to a voicemail outgoing message but without giving callers the option to leave a message.

Is there anything being planned for this?

Re: "Office closed" message

Hi Voip Team

I have just purchased the virtual PBX and I assumed looking at the features (in fact one of the main ones I sold it to myself!!) was the out of hours feature - Now seeing that you can't set an independent voicemail makes the whole office hours section a bit pointless - which is extremely dissappointing.

Please, please can it be added - I can't imagine its that difficult - It could just be an uploaded sound file for example !!


Kevin :(

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